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Tech Ascension Awards Announce 2024 Big Data Award Category Winners

The Tech Ascension Awards, which recognize the most innovative solutions in technology, has announced the 2024 Big Data Award Winners. The Tech Ascension awards judged applicants based on technology innovation, market research, and competitive differentiators. The class-leading vendors that received recognition from the Tech Ascension Awards showcased technology that solves critical industry challenges and produces invaluable business outcomes for their customers.

Best AI/ML Powered Solution: K1x - K1 Aggregator

K1x is awarded for its groundbreaking K1 Aggregator, which employs patented AI technologies to transform IRS Schedule K-1 PDFs into fully digital and actionable data formats. This innovation automates the extraction and aggregation of data, significantly reducing the manual workload by 90% and processing times to mere seconds. This achievement not only enhances accuracy in data handling but also streamlines tax compliance processes for accounting firms and investors.

Best Big Data Analytics Solution: Radix IoT -Mango 5.1

Radix IoT receives this accolade for its Mango 5.1 platform, a cloud-native solution that organizes and leverages critical data across diverse facilities for actionable insights. The platform simplifies complex data integrations over numerous locations and automates facility management, enhancing operational efficiencies and reducing costs across several industries, including telecommunications, energy, and property management.

Best Data Management Solution: - Coalesce is honored for its innovative data transformation platform tailored for Snowflake environments. This tool combines an intuitive graphical interface with the robustness of code, facilitating rapid, flexible, and error-free data transformations. By automating complex data engineering tasks, boosts productivity tenfold, enabling data teams to focus on delivering more strategic value to their businesses.

David Campbell, CEO of the Tech Ascension Awards, commented on the significance of this year's winners: “These companies exemplify the pinnacle of innovation in their respective fields. Big data and AI are not just buzzwords but are pivotal in shaping the future of industries and economies. This year’s winners demonstrate how innovative technologies can dramatically enhance operational efficiencies, accuracy, and strategic decision-making capabilities. It’s essential to highlight and support such transformative solutions as they play a crucial role in driving our digital economy forward.”


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