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Mercedes-Benz Singapore Named Industry Innovator of the Year by Tech Ascension Awards

Award Recognizes Acentrik’s Cutting-Edge Data Sharing Innovations Mercedes-Benz Singapore has been named Industry Innovator of the Year in the Big Data category of the 2023’s Tech Ascension Awards with its enterprise-grade data exchange solution, Acentrik. This recognition highlights Acentrik's exceptional contributions to the field of data exchange and its remarkable ability to enable secure and efficient data sharing across industries.

What Sets Acentrik Apart from the Industry

Acentrik stood out as a strategic product that addresses the critical challenge of data silos within enterprises. By leveraging a groundbreaking business model innovation, coupled with game-changing Blockchain technology, Acentrik has become a horizontal solution applicable across multiple industries. One of the many use cases of this solution is its global data marketplace, connecting enterprises to consume and share data, in an open ecosystem.

Acentrik's standout feature is its pioneering Compute-to-Data approach, coupled with edge computing capabilities. This innovative feature allows privacy-preserving compute jobs to be performed in a trusted environment. By bringing algorithms to the data instead of transferring the raw data, Acentrik provides an unparalleled level of data privacy and security. Confidential data remains within the data provider's environment, ensuring compliance and protecting against access to the raw data.

Blockchain Technology Serves as a Critical Foundation for Acentrik

Furthermore, Acentrik has cemented its position as one of the world's first Blockchain-based data exchange platform. With the state-of-the-art technology’s peer-to-peer nature and immutability, transparency properties, these benefits can be translated to enterprises, especially evident in the execution of data exchanges. Through tokenization principles, data ownership is verified through tokens representing access and control, ensuring data stays in the control of the owner.

When assessing competitors in the field, Acentrik emerges as a clear leader. Acentrik's unique combination of features, including its Blockchain foundation, as well as Compute-to-Data capabilities, sets it apart and positions it at the forefront of data exchange innovations.

By seamlessly connecting enterprises to their deeper data sources, Acentrik resolves critical market and end-user challenges. It eradicates the barriers imposed by data silos, enabling organizations to unlock the true value of their data assets and facilitating secure data sharing between enterprises.

The business outcomes generated by Acentrik are also impressive. The platform offers new opportunities for data monetization through external data sharing, empowering organizations to unlock additional revenue streams. Furthermore, Acentrik fosters process refinement and optimization by facilitating internal data sharing, driving operational efficiency, and improving decision-making. Additionally, as a turnkey solution, Acentrik empowers enterprises to build their own data exchange platforms, tailored to their unique needs and ecosystem.

The recognition by the Tech Ascension Awards of Acentrik underscores the solution’s outstanding achievements and its significant impact on the data exchange landscape. Acentrik's revolutionary features and commitment to data privacy and sovereignty, make it a deserving recipient of this well-respected technology industry accolade.

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The Tech Ascension Awards recognized the very best innovations in technology. The Tech Ascension awards judged applicants based on technology innovation, market research, and competitive differentiators. The class-leading vendors that received recognition from the Tech Ascension Awards showcased technology that solves critical industry challenges and produces invaluable business outcomes for their customers.


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