The Tech Ascension Awards recognize B2B and B2C companies and leaders that drive cutting-edge, innovative technologies that solve critical challenges in their respective markets. 


The Tech Ascension Awards provide real recognition to real innovators challenging the status quo. ​Applicants are judged based on technology innovation and uniqueness, market research, hard performance stats, and competitive differentiators. 


  • All hardware/software/project entries must have been announced, conducted or updated formally in the last year (or duration specified) in order to qualify. They can be proof of concept, but must have market research and/or development traction.

  • Leaders submitted must have been at the company for a minimum of 1 year and demonstrated the key criteria that will be evaluated: candidate's leadership while raising capital (if applicable), contributions to company growth (revenue, partner and customer ecosystem, product line, etc.), culture and diversity development, and innovation acceleration.