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FalconX 360 Secures Most Innovative FinTech Solution at the Tech Ascension Awards

FalconX, a leading player in the cryptocurrency space, is thrilled to announce that their groundbreaking product, FalconX 360, has been crowned the Most Innovative FinTech Solution at the esteemed 2022 Tech Ascension Awards. David Campbell, CEO of Tech Ascension Awards, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "FinTech innovation has assumed unprecedented importance, and these industry leaders are propelling the market to new heights. We are delighted to acknowledge their achievements and eagerly anticipate their continued growth and progress as the FinTech industry evolves." FalconX 360 stands out as the pioneering unified investment and risk management platform for cryptocurrency, specifically designed to cater to institutional investors. The platform offers comprehensive execution capabilities and end-to-end reporting, empowering institutions with unparalleled access to risk management, prime services, and robust security controls, all conveniently consolidated in a single location. This transformative innovation within the crypto and financial realms embodies FalconX's vision to facilitate access to digital assets for the next billion users. Similar to how cryptocurrencies have revolutionized financial accessibility, the FalconX 360 platform democratizes entry into the digital asset ecosystem, enabling clients to be more active and agile in their investments. Instead of dispersing $1 million across multiple platforms, investors can now consolidate their funds at FalconX, gaining access to diversified investments through a single account and scaling up their returns by 3-5X. This streamlines account management, saves valuable time, and maximizes return on investment. Raghu Yarlagadda, Founder and CEO of FalconX, expressed pride in FalconX 360's recognition, emphasizing the growing demand for a solution that mitigates risk. Yarlagadda stated, "With this new platform, we are instilling confidence and security in digital asset investing, which undoubtedly represents the future of finance." The recognition of FalconX 360 at the Tech Ascension Awards highlights its status as a trailblazing solution that sets new industry standards, reinforcing FalconX's commitment to revolutionizing the financial landscape through cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking innovation. ###


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