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Tech Ascension Awards Announces 2024 DevOps Awards Winners

The Tech Ascension Awards is proud to announce the winners of the 2024 DevOps Awards, celebrating the most innovative and impactful solutions in the DevOps industry. These awards honor the companies and technologies that are driving the industry forward with groundbreaking achievements and innovative applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Winners of the 2024 DevOps Awards:

Best AI / ML Powered Solution – Geographic Solutions, VOS Sapphire AI

  • VOS Sapphire AI was selected for its robust data security protocols and safeguards for user privacy. The system limits AI access to user data only where measurable benefits can be realized, ensuring safety through advanced prompt injection and response filters. This strategic flexibility enables VOS Sapphire AI to seamlessly adapt to new technologies, maintaining a consistent user interface while delivering cutting-edge upgrades. Its modular and fully customizable design allows clients to tailor the solution to their unique needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

Best DevOps Automation Solution – Opsera, Opsera Unified DevOps Platform

  • Opsera was recognized for its flexibility in tool choice and its ability to integrate seamlessly with any SDLC, SaaS, or IaC use case. The platform empowers teams to deliver better software safer and faster with intelligent automation, integrated testing and security, and enterprise-wide insights. Opsera's Unified DevOps Platform provides end-to-end insights into the software delivery lifecycle, offering actionable insights including DORA metrics, GitHub Copilot Reports, and persona-based dashboards with over 150 KPIs, enhancing AI-assisted code quality and productivity.

DevOps Innovation of the Year – Traceable, The Traceable AI Security Platform

  • Traceable stood out for its unique architectural approach and comprehensive deployment options. It captures and correlates every piece of API context through its OmniTraceTM engine, providing unmatched data collection to discover and protect against various attacks. Traceable's broad-based detection and protection solutions monitor for attack classes including digital fraud, bot mitigation, and sensitive data disclosure. Its deployment capabilities ensure visibility into APIs regardless of their location, making it a leader in API security.

Best Open-Source DevOps Tool – Sonar, SonarQube

  • SonarQube was honored for ensuring superior software delivery with its Clean Code approach, which integrates seamlessly into CI workflows. This approach helps prevent future mistakes by allowing early detection and remediation of issues. SonarQube's deeper Static Application Security Testing (SAST) engine empowers teams to uncover and resolve security vulnerabilities before they compound, enhancing software security and reliability. Its integration into DevOps workflows ensures that only quality-standard code reaches delivery, improving development velocity and reducing rework and rollbacks.

David Campbell, CEO of the Tech Ascension Awards, commented on the significance of this year's winners:

“We are thrilled to recognize this year's winners in the DevOps category. Their groundbreaking achievements exemplify the pinnacle of innovation, showcasing the dynamic evolution of our industry. In the age of AI, DevOps is not just about improving operational efficiencies; it’s about leveraging intelligent technologies to drive transformative changes. Our winners have demonstrated how AI integration can lead to unparalleled advancements in automation, scalability, and overall performance. As we move forward, the importance of fostering such innovation in DevOps cannot be overstated, as it lays the foundation for the future of technology and business.”

The Tech Ascension Awards continues to highlight the most influential and forward-thinking companies and solutions in the technology industry, setting the benchmark for excellence and innovation.


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