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Honeywell's Thermal IQ™ Platform Wins Cloud Innovation of the Year Award at Tech Ascension Awards

Honeywell has achieved a significant milestone as its Thermal IQ™ platform was recently crowned the 2022 Cloud Innovation of the Year by the esteemed Tech Ascension Awards. The annual awards program recognizes companies and leaders who introduce cutting-edge technological solutions that address critical challenges in their respective industries.

Honeywell's Thermal IQ™ platform serves as the backbone for their Connected Thermal Solutions. Specifically, it functions as a secure remote monitoring solution that connects combustion equipment to the cloud. This groundbreaking platform allows for the seamless availability of crucial thermal process data on any smart device or desktop, enabling access from anywhere at any time.

By taking a holistic approach to digital transformation, the Thermal IQ™ platform offers integration capabilities that cater to every member of a plant's personnel, ranging from operators to managers. This comprehensive solution addresses the pressing challenges encountered in the thermal process industry, including diminished thermal expertise in the field, increasingly stringent emissions regulations, the necessity for robust remote operations, and the need to minimize production downtime while maximizing efficiency.

Honeywell's Connected Thermal Solutions, powered by the Thermal IQ™ platform, empower the thermal process industry to overcome these hurdles effectively. Regardless of whether operators are already utilizing Honeywell connected components and systems or other sensors and burner controllers available on the market, Thermal IQ™ delivers adaptability and flexibility.

As the thermal process industry undergoes a profound digital transformation, the Thermal IQ™ platform assumes a pivotal role. It equips plant operators and managers with essential resources to enhance safety and operational risk management, improve reliability and operational excellence, and optimize energy and emissions management. The recognition bestowed upon Honeywell's Thermal IQ™ platform reinforces its innovative nature and underscores the expertise it brings to the thermal process industry. ###


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