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AutoRABIT's CodeScan Shield Wins DevOps Innovation of the Year at the Tech Ascension Awards

AutoRABIT, a leading provider of DevSecOps solutions, continues its upward trajectory in 2022 with another prestigious recognition for its unique combination of static code analysis and policy management. The Tech Ascension Awards recently revealed the winners of the 2022 DevOps Awards, with CodeScan Shield emerging as the victor for DevOps Innovation of the Year.

David Campbell, CEO of Tech Ascension Awards, emphasized the importance of DevOps in successful software development, stating, "These leaders in DevOps have helped move the market forward with their innovations, and we're proud to be able to recognize them for their impact."

CodeScan Shield has garnered acclaim for its comprehensive approach to Salesforce environment management, encompassing inventory management, governance, and analysis, in addition to its best-in-class static code analysis solution. This powerful combination yields a robust data security strategy, streamlined development processes, and fortified applications and updates. By ensuring 100% adherence to compliance requirements, CodeScan Shield empowers DevOps teams to work safely and efficiently in a repeatable manner.

Prashanth Samudrala, VP of Product Management at AutoRABIT, expressed immense pride in CodeScan Shield's latest accolade, stating, "We're incredibly proud that CodeScan Shield received yet another award for its exceptional capabilities. We're honored to see more evidence that the value we offer our clients continues to grow."

The Tech Ascension Awards serve as a prestigious platform for recognizing the most remarkable technological innovations. The judging process meticulously evaluates applicants based on criteria such as technological innovation, market research, and competitive differentiators. The vendors distinguished by the Tech Ascension Awards showcase technologies that address critical challenges within their respective industries, ultimately delivering invaluable business outcomes for their customers.

AutoRABIT offers a comprehensive DevSecOps platform that caters to every aspect of the development pipeline. With Automated Release Management, CodeScan Shield, Vault Data Backup & Recovery, and Record Migrator solutions, AutoRABIT empowers Salesforce developers and administrators to maintain security while expediting the release cycle and producing error-free updates and applications of superior quality and reliability.



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